Player theme can make a real difference to the play rate of your video. Now it’s super-easy to make your videos look beautiful and improve the video play rate at the same time. 

Hippo Video allows you to customize the player theme to reflect your brand. If you haven’t already set your player theme, follow these simple steps to do this now:

How to change the player theme?

  1. Login to your Hippo Video accounts and go to settings.

  2. Now, scroll down the settings page to find ‘Player settings’

  3. Click on to set the color of video footer section and play button.

  4. Drag the cursor around color palette until you find the right color for your player.

  5. In case, if you’ve already got a choice of color you want, enter the hex code in the space provided(e.g., #3D4436)

  6. Once you’ve selected your brand color, click on ‘SET’ to save the changes.

Take a look at the video below to find out how to change player theme: