Share videos directly from Gmail:

Tired of juggling between apps to add a video to your email? With Hippo Video, sending a video mail is just a few clicks away. You can record a video or send previously recorded videos to your recipients and keep track of your emails without leaving your Gmail account. All you need is the Hippo Video add-on to save hours of your time.

How to add Hippo Video add-on to my Gmail account?

Follow the steps below, to get started:

  1. Login to your Gmail account with your credentials.

  2. If you’re using an updated version of Gmail, click on the  icon which is available in the panel on the right sidebar. This opens the G Suite Marketplace popup.

  3. Search for ‘Hippo Video’ Gmail Add-on and click

  4. Now, give permission to install the add-on by clicking ‘CONTINUE.’

  5. Select your Gmail account and provide access to the Hippo Video add-on to proceed to install.

    P.S: This permission is asked by Google to run the add-on and to provide you with a good experience. We don’t take any of your personal information; your privacy is our priority.
  1. After you allow access, Hippo Video will be installed successfully.

  2. Now, go to an email and click on the Hippo Video add-on available on the right panel.

  3. Click on ‘AUTHORIZE ACCESS’ and choose your account in which you’d like to save the new recordings or from which you want to send previously recorded videos.

Once you add Hippo Video Add-on, you can access Hippo Video in Gmail across all of your devices(e.g., web, mobile)

Where do I find Hippo Video add-on after installation?

  1. Open an email in your desktop Gmail inbox or on your mobile.

  2. You will find the Hippo Video add-on in the lower right corner.

  3. You can record a new video, send recorded videos or request your recipients to record a video.

           P.S: If you haven’t signed in with Hippo Video, please sign in to send and record videos.

  1. If you choose to record a video, you can select:

  • Intro/Thank you video - Where you can record a quick thank you video with ‘WEBCAM,’ and ‘AUDIO’ enabled.

  • Explainer video - Where you can record with ‘SCREEN,’ ‘WEBCAM,’ and ‘AUDIO.’

  1. In case if you’d like to attach a video to an email with multiple recipients, you can select ‘reply all icon’ which will automatically add all the recipients present in a specific email.

How to keep track of video emails?

With Hippo Video, it’s hard to drop out any detail. See how many emails are attached with a video, which recipient opened your video mail and the watch rate of your video. We also tell how your video email is performing through notifications, available at the top bar.

P.S: To track your video emails you need to install both the extension and add-on.

If you'd like to know more about the Gmail add-on and its use cases, click here.