Is sharing videos on different platforms enough? No.

Add more value to your videos and bring extra traffic to your business. With Hippo Video, you can add your brand’s logo to every video you create and share. 

Player branding lets your viewers recognize you with the brand they see on your video. 

How to add a logo to video player?

1. Go to ‘SETTINGS’

2. You will see three categories displayed under ‘BRANDING’ section: 

  • Top bar logo in delivery page - A logo which appears on your video preview page to the top-left corner.

  • Logo inside the player - A logo which appears to the lower-right corner of your video.

  • Favicon and Page title - A logo which is displayed in the address bar of your site. 

3. Now to add a logo, click on 'Add logo' and select the image from your library.

4. You will notice the selected image appearing on the empty pane next to the respective categories.

5. Finally, click  

Here’s a video guide showing how to add a logo to video player: