In a class with more number of students, it is often a challenge to manage and assign activities to each and everyone. And, dividing students into smaller groups each time is time-consuming.

To ease up your work and save time, add all your students from a class into one group, inside Hippo Video. You can share learning resources or give a task or an assignment to all your students in your class to the respective groups.

How to create a group and add students?

  1. To create a group, go to ‘USERS’ and click on the drop-down icon near ‘Add New User’ 

  2. Select ‘Add group’ and enter the group name.

  3. You can either add students manually or import from a spreadsheet or Google UI as shown.

How to assign activity or share a resource?

  1. To assign an activity, go to ‘ASSIGNMENTS’ and create a new assignment.

  2. Enter the name of the activity and choose the group name. 

  3. Whenever you add any resource or activity, students who are inside the group will be notified through email.