Customers always wish to resolve their issues faster. This becomes difficult through long emails and chats. Hippo Video integration with helps you fix your customer issues faster than ever with video solutions. Post self-service and product knowledge-base videos on your support portal and make them available to your customers. This way, it’s easy for your customers to find their answers.

How to integrate Hippo Video with

To get started you need to provide your Desk API Token.

  • Go to Admin -> Cases

  • Select “Integration URLs” 

  • Click ADD INTEGRATION URL and enter the name as “Hippo” for your reference

  • In Open Location select canvas iframe and in the URL text box, copy paste this “

  • Now, enable the toggle and click Add

(Choose to which group of users you allow usage of application)

Once this is done, Go to Cases 

  • Go to Cases-> Next Gen Case Layout and click Add Case Layout

(Rename Layout as per your convenience)

  • Now, click Integrations

  • Select hippo (Canvas) created in previous step, drag and drop it below “Group & Agent”

  • Click edit and enter height as “500”

  • Finally, Click Save and make it default

Once the widget is added, you can record a video and share it with your customer or select an existing video from your Hippo Video library. You can share a link with your customer to record a video testimonial. Customers can also record their issues from the link you share.