The reaction feature allows your viewers to be able to communicate faster with reactions like ‘Upvote,’ ‘Haha,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry.’

How can your viewers react to videos?

To react with one of the emoji, all your users need to do is:

  1. Play the video and hover over the video play line which is available just above the field where you can play and pause a video. 
  2. Now, they can choose any one of the emoticons displayed.
  3. As soon as they select an emoji, it appears on your video at the exact time your user chooses the emoji.

Your viewers needn’t have to sign up with Hippo Video to add an emoji. We allow guest comments.

--> You can always choose to disable reactions for your videos. To turn off reactions, select 'VIDEO SETTINGS' in the right menu and click on icon. Now, tap on the switch near reactions to disable.

Where can I find the reactions added?

When someone reacts to your video, you get updated through notifications.

To view the number of reactions on your video, you can either click on the particular notification or go to the analytics report ()

Also, know about our video comments feature.