Sharing videos on different platforms has been quite common these days. But, to turn the shared videos successful one must keep a check on the video performance. With Hippo Video, you can pay close attention to all your video activities. All the information and real-time updates about your video fall under notifications.

What type of notifications does Hippo Video send?

Notifications are updates about your daily video activity and help you keep updated with all the video engagement.

We notify: 

The number of views - How many people viewed your video.

Comments - When someone leaves a comment on your video.

Replies - When someone adds a response to your video.


Where do I get notified?

Notifications appear on the top bar next to  which is displayed as bell () icon.

When you receive a new notification, the number of notifications () will appear on the BELL icon.


To check your notifications, click on the BELL icon and select them individually.


You can also navigate to your videos from the Chrome Extension as shown:


We will notify you through the mail, to help you stay connected with your audience when you’re not active with Hippo Video.