Now Hippo Video allows you to record videos straight from your Gmail account. Send recorded videos and request your recipient to send video as a reply through a link.

Let's get into the details,

In order to create videos you must have our Chrome Extension installed. Now once that's done, log in to your Gmail account.

1. Hover over the 'COMPOSE' button and you'll notice two options to create a video, as shown below.

2. You can either choose to create a 1:1 personal video message or launch a personalized video email campaign.

3. After you click on one of the options, a window pops up to record a video. You can either record a new video or import one from your library.

4. Then insert the video to your email, compose your email content and click Send.

5. If you're launching a personalized video email campaign, import a spreadsheet with your recipients information and then click Send.

Hippo Video also provides real-time analytics within your Gmail account. Navigate to the notification icon available on the right-hand corner to see how your video emails are performing.