When you’re managing students from different classes you need to know which student is submitting what video. Hippo Video allows you to differentiate between different classes by creating different folders for each class.

Hippo Video lets you to manage your students seamlessly under the “users” tab

To manage students,

1. Click on the “add new user” to start adding students

2. Apply filters to look at students who are active, inactive and unconfirmed, if necessary!

3. By clicking on a student name you can access all the videos created by them

4. To create a new folder click on  

5. Mention the folder name 

6. Select “to specific student” in visibility

7. Select the students you want to add to a specific folder and click save

It is monotonous to add all your students one by one to your account. Hippo Video makes the process easier by automatically adding students with the same domain name as yours to your account.

Whenever a student from your school/classroom with the same domain name as yours signs up through their Google account, Hippo Video automatically adds them to your account according to the domain name.

To activate domain user addition,

  1. Under the users tab, click on  

  2. Select enable automatic user addition

  3. Mention the domain name and click on apply