With Hippo Video you can make interactive tests, classes and, homework considerably increasing class involvement.

  • Video assignments


‘Assignments’ allow teachers to create a shareable link and send it to students. Students with the link can create the video assignments and post. Videos posted by students will be directly available to the teacher to evaluate. 

How to create an assignment:  

Getting your student’s homework done through videos lets them dig into the topics deeper.

Students can create video assignments through the assignment link, even if they don't have an account with Hippo Video.

To share an assignment link:

  1. Go to 'ASSIGNMENTS'.

  2. Copy the URL that is shown on the screen. 

  3. Share the copied link with your students.



Only the admin have access to add students to the account. Videos assignments created by the students are visible only to admin. Students have access to watch admin videos. However, the data can’t be modified.

  • Google Classroom integration

Post a video assignment or announcement to students, by recording a new video from Google Classroom in seconds. You can also choose an existing video from Hippo Video to post.

How to record video from Google Classroom?

  1. Click on the  icon in Google Classroom and select any one of the options listed.

  2. Provide the title and due date if any.

  3. Click on the  icon available below.

  4. To choose the existing videos from your library, select ‘View Video’ available on the top.

  5. To create a new video, choose the recording inputs and click on ‘START RECORDING’.

  6. Recorded video will be automatically saved to your Hippo Video library.

  • Google Slides                                             

Record a video presentation from Google Slides using Hippo Video.

How to record video presentation?

  1. Select your presentation from Google Slides

  2. Click onwhich will be available on the top bar, choose your capture input from 'MIC', 'SCREEN' and 'WEBCAM'.

  3. To start recording your video presentation, click on ‘START RECORDING’.

The recorded video presentation will be auto saved to your Hippo Video library. Edit and share them with your audience.

  • Google Docs integration

The good news is that you can record office documents from your Google Docs account, with Hippo Video.

How to record files from Google Docs?
  1. Login to your Google Docs account and select the file you want to record. You might see a Hippo Video tile like this  available on the top. 

  2. Click on the tile and select your recording inputs from ‘SCREEN,' ‘MIC’ and ‘WEBCAM’.

  3. To record, click on .

  4. Click on ‘FINISH’ button to end your video from the chrome extension. 

  5. Your video preview opens in a new tab and will be automatically saved to your Hippo Video account.

  • D2L integration

As learning has become more accessible with D2L, we tried to make your learning experience much better with Hippo Video. 

How to create a video from D2L?

To create videos,

  1. Login to your D2L account and select a course.

  2. Create a learning module or select the existing one based on your requirement.

  3. Once you enter into your module, click on the  tile and select your inputs to record a new video.

Or, choose the existing videos from and save.