• Video tickets to solve issues

Video tickets allow your customers to record their issues and send the issue as a video reply. 

Solve issues with videos

Provide a video solution to the issue, and the viewer can solve the issue easily by following the step by step instructions

Status of issues:

Issues which are raised by customers can be marked as ‘resolved’ or ‘pending,' depending upon the state.     

  • Help-desk Integrations


Hippo video lets your support team reply to customers using tickets. Also, overall issue resolving time is reduced.

Solution videos:

  1. Solution videos which are posted in help-desk will help the customers to solve issues on their own. Make sure the solution videos are visible to your customer by posting them into a specific category related to the issues in your help-desk.
  2. Also, the support team can solve a similar issue faced by a different customer by directing them to the same video.
  3. The solution video can be posted as an article or as a post from share option after integrating your Hippo Video account with Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Click on the link below to know:

How to integrate with Zendesk

How to integrate with Freshdesk



The widget allows you to add a video right from the help desk quickly. Send videos as replies and resolve issues quickly.