In today’s technology and generation, we see hundreds of videos being shared. Once you've edited your video, you are ready to share your work. 


     Let’s see where you can share your videos:

  • Hippo Video offers sharing videos to numerous services including Email, G+, Facebook, Twitter and more...

  • Send video as a link to your customers through an instant message, chat or email. You needn't click on the video to copy the link; the video link will be copied to your clipboard as soon as the video ends.

  • Place your video on your website with the help of embedded link.


    How to share a video?

  1. Once you have recorded your video, click on the(share) icon.
  2. Choose the platform to which you want to share your recording.

  3. Sign in to your sharing platform and allow access to Hippo Video to share or post the video to your account.