Give the final touch to the added text, emoji, and callouts with pro edit. With Hippo Video Pro Editor you can import video clips, customize and attach them to the recorded video. You can add effects like fade-in, fade-out, and set opacity to the added elements (Text, emoji) inside Pro Edit. To give a personal touch, you can add voice and webcam narration to your videos.

  • Import Video

         After a video is recorded, you can import audio and video clips from your drive and add it to the video from pro edit.

         How to import audio or video?

  1. Open the recording to which you want to add the clip.

  2. Hover over  and select Pro Edit.

  3. Now, click Import which is available on the top-left corner of your screen. You can either choose a file or drop & drag the file from your drive. 

  4. Once your file is imported, drag it to the timeline and edit with the help of the clip-cutter tool (), which is located above the tracks.