Hippo Video is packed with features to help you achieve high-quality and goal achievable recordings.

Make your video viewer-friendly with these markup tools: 

Markup tools allow on-screen drawing (or annotating) while capturing the screen. They help viewers to follow a video better and faster. 

  1. Cursor: 

         Make your viewer’s travel along with you while watching your video, with the help of cursor.

  1. Highlighter:

         Feature highlights:

  • Draw and write text on your video while recording using highlighter tool. 

  • Change colors of the highlighter according to your choice.  


  1. Erase and clear:

         Feature highlights:

  • Highlights on the video can be erased one at a time with ‘Erase’.

  • If you would like to erase everything at once, use ‘Clear screen’.


  1. Focus:

         Feature highlights:

  • This tool will allow you to focus on a particular portion of a video seamlessly. This way your viewers can find the corresponding target easily.

  • You can have access to this tool in any tab during recording.


  1. Pause, play and stop:

         Feature highlights:

  • The pause button allows you to quick-freeze the recording video when you select, then resumes the video as soon as you click on the play button.

  • This function helps you pause your video when you’re not ready to continue recording.

  • You can end the recording by clicking on the stop button from markup tools.    

All these tools are accessible in any tab while recording.

Here's our markup tool shortcut guide for your reference

Alt + M for Cursor

Alt + A for Click Animation

Alt + H for Highlight

Shift + UP / DOWN arrow to change size

Shift + LEFT / RIGHT arrow to change color

Alt + E for Eraser

Alt + Z for Clear screen

Alt + F for Focus and ESC for Cursor

Alt + P for Pause and Play

Alt + C for Close

Alt + S for Stop recording

P.S: If you are a Mac user press 'option' key instead of Alt.